Nervous adopted kitten found herself a Husky mama. See them together one year later (video)

Ready for your heart to melt? In this precious video posted by Lilothehusky, we see the remarkable relationship between Lilo the Husky and Rosie the kitten. Rosie was abandoned by her mother and in poor health when Lilo stepped in as a surrogate mom that nursed her back to health.
The video shows the amazing bond between the pair as Lilo snuggles the feline and allows her to simulate feeding. It's this patience and care that gave the kitten the jump start she needed to thrive. Other images on Instagram posts show how Rosie, Lilo, and fellow pack member Infinity, swim, play and explore together. It's true that Rosie may think she's a dog!
What's even more amazing? According to the Lilo The Husky Facebook page, Rosie paid it forward by adopting nine kittens of her own. A heartwarming tale of compassion and friendship comes full circle. Can life get any sweeter?
Be sure the check out the videos to see how this remarkable friendship developed. It will definitely put a smile on your face!
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