It’s bath time for kitty, but just wait for the brush to come out – it's cuteness incarnate

Living the pampered life is rough! Just ask Morning the kitty from the viral Jukin Media Youtube video! She appears to be barely tolerating the sudsy bath, but things seem to get a bit better when the brush comes out. Mostly her expression says she can't wait for it to be over, but there's just a hint of relaxation when the brush hits the right spot under her chin.
By nature, cats usually hate water. And we're not saying Morning is in love with the idea of a bubble bath, but she's not exactly fighting it either. She appears to be just trying to make it through the ordeal, which makes her expression absolutely adorable! Perhaps she already knows that beauty has a price!
It's hard to determine the best thing about this clip. Is it the enormous amount of bubbles surrounding the incredibly patient kitten? Or is it that too-cute-for-words shower cap (that we're still amazed the cat is actually keeping on!)? Either way, a cat in a bubble bath is beyond precious! Plus, anybody who has a cat knows that bath time usually isn't quite this peaceful!
With over 345,000 views, this video is definitely brightening a lot of people's days. Not to mention it's probably making many people wonder if bubbles are the secret to a calm cat bath.
Check out the clip for your dose of cuteness for the day, then be sure to share it with your friends!
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