See how dogs in one town celebrate summer in the most adorable way possible

These perky pooches take fun in the sun to a whole new level. Davis YMCA Aquatics hosted a Puppy Pentathlon, offering the amusing activities of Leap Dog, Fetch, Obstacle Course, Treasure Dive, and Doggie Paddle for canines of all breeds and dispositions to enjoy.
In an enclosed grassy area, participating pups leapt over hurdles and ran through agility tunnels, ears streaming behind them.
The Davis Family YMCA of Youngstown, Ohio, is home to two tricked-out pools—boasting a diving board, water slides, geysers, and curtains of water—spread across three pavilions with chaise lounges, giant umbrellas, and a concession stand. Lucky dogs!
Humans gleefully watched their canine companions jump into the pools, wade in the shallows, fetch balls and ropes, retrieve sunken toys, and, of course, sunbathe.
The afternoon ended with an awards ceremony, but all of these dogs are winners, and none of them can wait until the pooch-friendly pools reopen next Memorial Day.
Some summers go out with a bang. This year's went out with a bark.
Watch the adorable full video below from Davis YMCA Aquatics:
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