Everything goes wrong during this driving demonstration, until these horses' training kicks in

When you're working with horses, things can go from good to bad in an instant. And even when you're working with highly trained, experienced, docile horses like the Budweiser Clydesdales, there's still room for things to go wrong. When a Clydesdale trips during a demonstration while in a hitch, the team piles up and finds itself in a very precarious position.
But that's where the true character of the Budweiser Clydesdales and their handlers comes through. Rather than this event turning into a disaster, the horses patiently wait - some of them on the ground - for their handlers to help them. The handlers stay calm, unhitching the horses and freeing them from the pileup one at a time. There's no panic, there's no thrashing, and there's no injury. There's only deliberate process, and horses who trust their handlers immensely.
According to Second Opinion Vet, Clydesdales don't spook easily. They are highly intelligent and highly trainable. But it's also important to realize that each Clydesdale horse is an individual, and his or her temperament can be shaped by their experiences. For instance, if a horse is frequently subjected to abusive or harsh training, he may grow more reactive and defensive than a horse who receives patient, kind training.
The Clydesdales in this video prove how effective their trainers' work has been. Horses naturally feel threatened when they're on the ground, since in that position they are vulnerable to predators. But when these horses get tangled up together and are forced to the ground, you don't see any of the thrashing or struggling that you would expect to see with your average horse. Thanks to their calm temperaments and excellent relationships with their trainers, these horses keep their cool and the situation is resolved without harm.
It's a beautiful example of good horsemanship and the value of good training.
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