See how a community immortalized this feline's legendary cattitude

A beloved cat that gained fame on the streets of Istanbul was recently given a touching tribute honoring his life and legacy.
Tombili was a beloved neighborhood cat that was well-known to many throughout the city. He was a well-fed stray that gained the moniker “Tombili” because of his plump size. In Turkish, the word "tombili" is often used as a term of endearment for chubby pets, according to the Independent.
Tombili gained worldwide admiration when a now-iconic image of him became an internet meme. The famous picture shows the content cat lounging in a very human-like pose in his favorite spot appearing to survey his kingdom. The image perfectly encapsulates the nonchalant lifestyle of this beloved and street-savvy feline.
Tombili, also known as "Chill Cat" to internet meme-ers, had his picture used in countless internet memes like these:

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Sadly, just a few months ago, Tombili passed away from an illness that he'd been struggling with for some time. But the beloved cat would not soon be forgotten by his adoring public.
When word of Tombili's passing became known, the public's response was stunning. More than 17,000 people called for a statue commemorating their treasured Tombili. And they were not disappointed.
Tombili has now been immortalized in bronze in the very spot and in the very pose that so perfectly captured his cattitude on life. His legacy already lives on with every happy visitor that comes to see his likeness peacefully sitting in his favorite spot.

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Even Tombili's fellow felines have come to pay their respects.​
One thing is for certain, the memory of this beloved cat will live on. ​
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