This adorable puppy makes a noise so strange, it's worthy of a double-take

This video is almost too cute to handle – the big flappy tongue, the giant wet nose, the folded pink towel hat – it’s too much! Add in the hilarious breathing noises, and it’s no wonder this adorable video went viral. This puppy sounds so much like a Diesel engine we did a double take when we first heard it!
If you love Bulldogs and think they’re the best dog ever, you’re not alone: according to the American Kennel Club, Bulldogs were the fourth most popular dog breed to have. Looking at that puppy’s face, it’s easy to believe. It’s only grown in popularity over the years, thanks to tons of celebrities not being able to resist their squishy little faces.
If you love Bulldogs, it may be because you’re as stubborn as they are – dog expert Cesar Milan explains that Bulldogs are persistent little pups, determined to get their way. But not to fear, they’re also extremely gentle and loving.
They make great pets too; Pet MD reveals that both American Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are gentle, affectionate, and great with kids. They’re just big lap dogs at heart!
So what do you think? Are Bulldogs the best breed or do you prefer bulldogs (trick question!)? If you have a little bulldog at home, comment below and tell us your favorite story. And don’t forget to share this little pup with your family and friends!
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