Golden Retriever can't tear eyes away from laptop screen for hilarious reason

This Golden Retriever is so silently focused on the laptop screen. What could he be staring at? Of course. It's a squirrel!
Like a real-life version of Dug from the movie "Up," this pup is clearly easily distracted by squirrels. He's so intent on watching it's every move on the screen! His concentration doesn't even break when the squirrel goes off screen; he just waits patiently for it to come back.
He may actually be a little confused: he can see the squirrel, but not smell it. Dogs rely heavily on their sense of smell. According to Dog Time, Labrador Retrievers have the fifth best sense of smell of any dog! That's incredible, considering just how good their sense of smell is. This is the reason you'll find retrievers doing jobs like drug or bomb sniffing because they're just that good!
They also rely on their sense of smell much more than their sight, which is probably why he's so intent on staying focused on the squirrel. Dog Time also says that even if they develop problems with their eyes, they can adapt really well because their other senses are so good.
Have you tried to show your pup anything on your laptop? How did they react? Tell us below!
Resources Dog Time, Dog Time, and Storyful
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