Confused kitten tries to catch animated mice

The game between cats and mice is an eternal struggle that will no doubt continue as long as both species exist in close quarters. However, with the invention of technology, once-simple rivalries can become complicated – and in some cases, confusing.
For instance, this little kitten thought it was merely engaged in the simple, age-old, instinctual pursuit of the nemesis to all cat-kind: the mouse. Instead, it was embroiled in a far more sinister game. Yes, this poor confused kitten wasn't chasing after real mice of flesh and blood, but was innocently and hopelessly caught in a never-ending loop of chasing the impossible-to-catch cyber-mouse. If only someone had warned this innocent youth of the evil tricks humans play in the name of distracting and confounding poor kitty cats. Well, it does make for funny viewing, and we are humans (I presume), so we might as well enjoy the fruits of our deception. So, without further ado, enjoy this innocent kitten being tricked into chasing cartoon mice on a computer. It's hilarious.
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