Boxer stares at TV, is hilariously excited by this special sight

First, this adorable boxer is just entranced by the TV. I mean, to be honest, we all are sometimes. But then something special happens: not only does he see another boxer on the television, the boxer starts jumping up and down on a trampoline. So what does he do? Mimic the pup on TV of course!
As the video reveals, boxers are high-energy, rambunctious dogs. According to Your Pure Bred Puppy, they just love to romp, play, and jump! During their puppy years they're going to be as playful and energetic as you can handle.
However, as they get older, they calm down (a little). When they get around middle-aged, they become calmer, and stay extremely loyal to their humans. It's hard to believe after watching that video, but they can be very dignified!
Do you ever wonder where they get their name from? Well, wonder no more! Boxers earned their distinct moniker due to a distinct behavior - they're known to stand on their hind legs and "box" with their front paws, according to 3 Million Dogs. Makes sense!
We think this boxer deserves a trampoline for his birthday, don't you? Don't forget to share this adorable video with your family and friends!
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