Bulldog just wants to fulfill his dream of being a cowboy – hilarity ensues

Some dogs want to be astronauts. Some want to be firefighters. This dog just wants to be a cowboy.
It's hard not to half-laugh, half-aww as this bulldog climbs up on the rocking horse like a natural! Of course, the costume just makes it even cuter. He rocks back and forth, head high up in the air, proud and happy. Who doesn't want to be him right now?
As you may have guessed from the name, bulldogs were not originally bred to be cowboys (a shock, we know!). They were meant to be bull-baiting dogs, according to Hill's Pet. That means they have a considerable amount of courage, despite being a rather low-endurance and calm dog.
However, it's been a while since the bull-baiting days of the bulldog. Pet MD says that after bull baiting was outlawed in 1835, the bulldog became popular for its other traits, like endless loyalty and resilience. Of course, people love its goofy look, too! Who can resist all those wrinkles? And they're super friendly, so they make great pets all around.
Do you have a bulldog at home? Do you ever dress it up, or it is goofy enough all on its own? Tell us your favorite story! And don't forget to share this video with your family and friends; maybe they'll get ideas for Halloween! Or any day, really. We don't judge.
Resources Hill's Pet, Pet MD, and Jukin Media
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