Dog and cat lay side by side. How they interact is almost too much to handle

This is one of those videos where you watch it, and you can't help but smile and "aww" a little out loud. There's just something so soothing and peaceful about this cat and puppy resting, sunbathing, and giving each other little licks here and there. So precious!
If you have a Saint Bernard, you know they're awesome dogs. According to Dog Time, they're extremely patient with kids (and cats, as you can see in the video), quiet, and very good for families. They do mention, though, that if you're committed to keeping a clean house, the Saint Bernard may not be the best choice. They track in mud; they shed, and they drool all over everything (with love, of course).
But if you don't mind a little mess, Saint Bernards are big lovable teddy bears.
If you love this unusual pair of friends, we have a great treat for you! National Geographic put together an amazing, adorable, and hilarious compilation of other unlikely animal friendships. Check it out! There are pictures, videos, and other adorable articles to peruse.
Do you have cats and dogs that get along like the two in the video, or like, well, cats and dogs? Tell us about it! And don't forget to share this precious duo with your family and friends, they deserve a smile!
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