It's almost time for dinner and this little puppy can barely hold it together

It's dinner time, which is obviously the best time of day. This pup just really, really wanted his food, and got a little too excited...and fell on his butt. It happens to the best of us. Right?
Puppies are a lot like infants in that they seem to want to eat all the time. After they're done nursing - around six weeks, according to Cesar's Way - they still eat about 1/2 a cup three times a day. This is the best way to keep them full and their energy levels consistent. Just like us, multiple smaller meals will keep them more balanced than a couple of really big meals. Like that nap you always want after a big bowl of pasta, your pup is going to want to pass out after a big bowl of chow.
The klutziness, aside from being hilarious to watch, is normal. Puppies have to work to gain their coordination skills, and according to Dog Time, it starts to happen around four weeks and continues to develop until around eight weeks.
They get better coordinated through lots of play time, so be sure to give them plenty of love and exercise! All they need is practice. And if you have a puppy that still falls on its butt like the one in the video, make sure to take plenty of videos for us before they learn not to.
Nothing quite puts a smile on your face like a puppy, so share this video with your family and friends to give them a smile today!
Resources Cesar's Way and Dog Time
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