Man gets on knees, but this friendly dog greeting is anything but routine

Forget the basics; this cute pup is way past sit and roll over - more like spin and dip! These two obviously worked very hard to put together this routine. Can you believe that dog memorized a dance routine that is almost two minutes long? Incredible!
If that inspires you to bond with your dog over some new tricks, you may want to start a bit smaller than a full-fledged dance routine. Dog Time has some simple recommendations, including Kiss, Play Dead, and Spin. They even have tips for standing on their hind legs, which you'll recognize from the video above!
The good news is that with enough patience and training, your dog can learn an essentially endless amount of tricks - only limited by your time and imagination!
If you also have a golden retriever, you probably already know the easiest thing to train them to do: retrieve! As suggested by Dog Reference, a good way to start with training them to fetch is to start with small distances. You can slowly increase over time until they're retrieving things from clear across the park that you never asked them to get in the first place. Don't say we didn't warn you.
We love this super creative doggy dance routine - have you taught your little furry friend any unique or interesting tricks? Tell us about it! And don't forget to show this amazing video with your friends.
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