Dog in sneakers walks up to scooter and hilarity ensues

How cute are these little Boston terriers scooting along? We can barely stand it! The coordination, the balance, the adorable outfits — it's too much.
We love how creative their owner got with teaching them this trick. They look like naturals on their scooters, happy to zoom along and look adorable doing it.
If you were noticing their snazzy attire and getting doggy dress-up ideas, you're not alone. Almost unbelievably, according to American Pet Products Association, out of the $62.75 billion that Americans spent on their pets in 2016, $14.28 billion was spent on supplies, which includes outfits!
While they do have very cute outfits, if you're familiar with Boston terriers, you know their natural markings are pretty distinctive. In fact, because they have such striking black and white patterns that look a bit like a tuxedo, they've earned the nickname "American Gentlemen," according to Dog Time.
Also from Dog Time, they are known for being intelligent, lovable and very affectionate. They are an all-around excellent choice for families with children or elderly members, as they entertain and amuse but never get rough.
We know you love to dress up your little one. Who doesn't? What are some of your favorite outfits? Share them with us in the comments, and share these talented pups with your family and friends!
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