Little girl shares pool with 3 huskies. Her reaction is adorable

Well, we know where we want to spend our summer! In that backyard, in the pool, surrounded by splashing huskies. Sounds good, right?
These dogs sure are lovable looking, and Siberian Husky Rescue points out that huskies are gentle, loving, and affectionate while not being fawning. This means that you'll still get all the love you want without too much neediness or tripping over them because they're trailing you to ever room. It's a good balance!
However, they also point out that huskies can be tricky to own, and not typically good for first-time owners. They love to dig (so hopefully you don't love your garden too much), sociable (so you need to spend a lot of time with them), and most of all they love to run. Anywhere, anytime, they will run as soon as they get the chance - so you have to be very careful and watchful of a husky.
All dogs are susceptible to heat stroke, but the husky is particularly in danger of it. They're used to the frigid cold weather of Siberia! This owner is doing what many owners do to help avoid heatstroke and cool down their huskies during the summer: making use of the kiddie pool. As Dog Breed Info Center shows, it can be a great way to cool them down and have a great time!
Do you have a husky at home who's a bit of a trouble maker? Or do you have splash parties with your dog in the backyard? We'd love to hear about it! Tell us all about it down below in the comments.
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