Owner tries to coax husky into kennel. The dog's response is hilarious

If you've ever tried to train a stubborn husky (or any dog, for that matter), you know what the owner is feeling right now — but we can't help fighting back giggles!
This husky is just too cute, and his whining sounds almost human! He obviously doesn't want to get in his crate, but somehow his howl sounds a little too much like "No!" to be a coincidence.
Huskies are big whiners, howlers and talkers in general. According to Dog Time, there are a few reasons a dog may howl, including audio stimulation, the moon or a predisposition of the breed. However, this husky was likely doing it to communicate with his human, which is a leftover biological trait from needing to communicate with the pack. The human is his pack now!
Of course, while the dog may not want to get in his crate, crate training is actually very beneficial. Pet Finder points out that pups are much like children in that they feel secure and safe in "their" space — for children, their crib; for dogs, their crate. So while he may be being a bit whiny, the crate training going on is a good thing!
Do you have a funny story about your stubborn husky? Tell us about it in the comments below, and share this with your friends and family! They deserve a giggle.
Resources Dog Time and Pet Finder
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