When Dad asks about the mess on floor, 2 huskies can't help but point fingers

Any pet parent of multiple dogs has probably walked in on a mess or two, and even asked them who was responsible. But have your pups ever pointed their paw at their partner in crime?
In this hilarious video, huskies Phoenix and Dakota blame each other when their dad asks them who made the mess on the floor. And they’re even polite enough to stop talking when their dad says to wait.
If you’ve ever met a Siberian husky, he might have engaged you in a conversation. Huskies are very social and love to talk to their doggy and human friends alike.
But why are huskies so chatty? The breed’s history probably has something to do with it.
According to Dogster.com, the Chukchi people of Siberia bred huskies for centuries to herd reindeer and pull their sleds. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that huskies were introduced to Alaskan Americans. The husky’s popularity grew during a diphtheria epidemic when a husky team helped save lives by pulling an antitoxin to Nome.
So, not only are huskies a working breed, they have worked as a team for a very long time, and we all know how important it is to communicate with other team members.
Huskies are also very intelligent, which is why the two in the video were so inclined to blame each other rather than admit to doing anything wrong. They knew how to keep their dad distracted from that mess on the floor.
Resources Dogster.com
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