Rescued puppy develops close bond with the most unlikely friend

Sri Ram’s good fortune began on April, 2016 when Juliana Castañeda Turner, co-founder of Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary, rescued him and his littermates from neglect when they were just four weeks old. Sri Ram was chosen to live at the sanctuary and when his siblings were ready, Juliana found them forever homes in the United States.
A month after rescuing the puppies, Juliana was contacted by a local dairy farmer. They had a newborn bull that they couldn’t keep (a dairy farm needs cows to give milk), and they didn’t want to sell him to a slaughterhouse. At eight-days old, the bull - now known as Bernie - was taken in by the rescue and housed with the older dogs at the farm to keep him safe from the larger animals.
But Bernie got restless. The older dogs just weren’t interested in playing, but letting him be with the older cows was too dangerous.
So, Juliana had an idea. Since Sri Ram was feeling lonely for his family, and Bernie was used to the company of dogs, why not introduce them?
Since that introduction, they have been inseparable. When they’re finished playing they cuddle and take naps together. According to the updates on the Sanctuary's Facebook Page they want to share everything.
The two best friends will spend the rest of their days at the Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary in the Andes Mountains.
Watch the video below of Sri Ram and Bernie playing together.
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