Mama horse gives birth to rare twins, and the footage captured is magical

This is an incredible story of a very lucky momma and two beautiful babies. At first glance, they look like a normal mom and two foals (especially if you don't know much about horses). In the video below, you realize they are adorable draft horses with shining black coats.
They look happy and healthy, don't they? Well, it's very lucky and very very rare that they ended up that way. These little guys are twins, and twin foals are extremely rare.
More accurately, twin foals of a healthy weight are extremely rare. According to The Horse, twin foals are very difficult for the mother to carry, and many problems can happen with twins. Most commonly, one of the babies is spontaneously aborted within the first six months.
If that doesn't happen, typically either it's a late-term abortion, which poses serious risks for the mother, or both foals are born at the combined weight of one foal, meaning both are extremely underweight and unhealthy.
You see how lucky these little guys are? They were both with no complications, healthy weight, and happy to be with their mom. As Equinews says, this is the exception - and we're so happy to see these fiesty little guys bounding around in the meadow!
Check out the adorable video to see them in action, and share this around with your family and friends that want to see a true miracle.
Resources The Horse and Equinews
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