Girl on oxygen is playing with her dog, but this dog isn't just her playmate

Toddlers are busy. They're running, playing and talking away -- and little Alida is no exception. At first glance, the three-year-old is just like her peers, until you notice the oxygen tanks she lugs around on a homemade wheel contraption behind her. The dog you see might just seem like her pet, but he is no ordinary dog.
Alida has Neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia of infancy, otherwise known as NIHI, which makes it hard for her to breathe. There's no way the toddler could ever lug the tanks around herself, so her dad created a wagon for his daughter to wheel around as she played and romped around the house.
But even with the wagon, carrying the tanks is cumbersome and impossible when you want to scale a playground or run with friends.
So, Alida's parents decided to get their little girl a helper and best friend, Mr. Gibs (the dog).
Despite his proper name, Mr. Gibs is a youngster himself, his rambunxious yet caring personality the perfect mix to follow a toddler around and carry her tanks for her.
Once again Alida's father had come up with an invention all his own, a service vest fitted to help Mr. Gibs easily carry oxygen tanks as little Alida played. Mr. Gibs could be there as she ran, climbed jungle gyms and swing on the swing -- all the things little kids love to do.
It was the perfect solution to let this little girl run, play and lead a normal toddler life. And at the same time, she gained a best friend. So, Mr. Gibs is not just a playmate, but Alida's life saver.
To watch this heartwarming story unfold, be sure to check out the video right here below. It is too cute to miss!
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