10 hilarious photos of cats sleeping on dogs

Cats and dogs. Mortal enemies, secretly besties, or frenemies? This pictures would suggest that while they occasionally cuddle, there's still a lot of room for tension! We like to think of them like siblings who just love to get on each other's nerves.
See what you think after these 10 hilarious photos.
1. Stacking the odds
We have a feeling this will all come tumbling down...
2. Cat is the hat
It's hard to imagine an improvement on that Dr. Seuss classic, but we may have found it.
3. Stretching out
There's plenty of room here!
4. Squish
At least the cat's comfortable.
5. Fluff for days
There's so much fluffy fur in this picture it's almost unbearable.
6. Wrinkles for days
That has to be one of the most comfortable snuggle spots ever.
7. Belly up!
That is one relaxed and trusting kitty
8. Two-fer
Or should we say...two-fur? Sorry, we'll stop.
9. Extremely relaxed or extremely comfortable?
We may never know.
10. Where is the cat?
Can you find her?
Seems to us like they're just trying to relax after a long hard day of being cats and dogs. Very exhausting work that is.
We hope you enjoyed that collection! Please share this with any of your family or friends that could use a laugh!
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