Super timid dog just wanted to die. His first trip to the beach changed everything

Meet Lou. Lou is an Italian Greyhound, the smallest of the gazehounds (sighthounds), which includes their cousins the racing Greyhounds. Barely over a foot tall, they are extremely slender and have sweet, gentle dispositions.
Unfortunately for Lou, his pleasant temperament didn’t help him escape the abuse of his owners. After their aggression to him, he became very timid around humans and other dogs. Luckily, he was rescued. However, it was until his owners took him to the beach did his fate really change.
Lou’s new owners knew that he would need a lot of gentle reminders that he was wanted and loved. Italian Greyhounds are companion dogs, and would rather be in your lap than anywhere else, but it would take time to win Lou’s confidence.
In his new life, Lou gained a doggy friend called Buddha, a bulldog with a gentle and quiet spirit. Buddha’s companionship helped Lou discover that other dogs could be friends.
Lou’s new owners like to take their dogs with them on outings, so one day they went to the beach. And that was when everything changed.
The beach was an entirely new experience for Lou. The following pictures emphasize the change for Lou:
Lou after the beach:
Happy to be going along, Lou broke into a smile. He loved going with his humans!
At the beach in the Hamptons, Lou had fun discovering the relaxation of surf and sun and enjoyed the sun’s rays.
He loved the feeling of the warm sand between his toes, and his demeanor showed that he was happy to be in a place that was tranquil and he could just find peace.
Perhaps he dreamed of chasing a rabbit along the sand, but he was content just to soak up some sunshine. Just a dog and a quiet beach.
In the company of his human friends, Lou could relax and feel confident and free. That’s what love does for you!
After his long day at the beach, Lou settled down for a well-deserved nap.
This is the story of a dog who found deliverance from an abusive situation. His new owners are saints in Lou’s opinion, and in mine, too. Share this heartwarming story with your friends and let them know that there are people out there who deserve our thanks. I know they have Lou’s!
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