Dog was found abused and dying by stream, gains energy to wag its tail upon rescue

A senior dog in Turkey was badly beaten, paralyzed and dumped by a stream. By all accounts, when rescuers found him, he shouldn't have been alive. The rescuers feared that he his injuries were too severe for him ever recover.
But when they brought the dog back to their clinic to assess his injuries, he wagged his tail at them. That's when the rescuers wondered if he didn't have a chance to survive, after all.
Rescuers took the senior dog to the Let's Adopt! Global rescue center where the dog was named Khan because of his "fighting spirit." Khan was incapable of standing or sitting, and could not lift himself up. But his spirit and his will to live were strong, and his rescuers were determined to help him recover.
Weeks passed of long, slow recovery and rehabilitation, and Khan smiled and wagged his tail every step of the way. Despite how cruelly a human being had treated him, Khan understood that his rescuers had nothing but love and compassion for him, and he willingly trusted their every move.
Due to his strong spirit and the loving care of his rescuers, Khan began to walk slowly and carefully around the rescue center. ​
When he had made a full recovery, Khan was adopted by a loving young woman who will make sure that he never suffers another day in his life. We wish you and your owner all the happiness in the world, Khan!
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