Animal shelter rescues cat, soon realizes it has a special gift for helping other sick animals

Meet Rademenesa, a Polish rescue cat and former patient, who discovered he has a special gift.
Rademenesa was diagnosed with an inflamed respiratory tract when he was just a kitten. He was so sick and young when the shelter received him that staff wanted to put him down. But Rademenesa was a fighter and when he started purring, the vets decided to give him a fighting chance.
Remarkably, Rademenesa survived his respiratory infection. That is when staff at the shelter realized his special gift: healing. Rademenesa would purr, cuddle, knead, and clean other animals (see below) who were sick or had open wounds.
He paid special attention to those who had just gone through a serious operation and needed all the help they can get to survive.
Rademenesa does not discriminate, however. He nursed both cats and dogs back to health, making sure to clean their wounds by licking and purring.
Fun fact: research shows that a cat’s purr has healing properties and can accelerate the healing time of broken bones, muscles, and tendons.
Rademenesa does such a good job that the staff at the shelter joke that he is their full time nurse.
Have you ever felt the healing properties of a cat’s purr? Studies show that cat owners have lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, and a 40% decrease in risk of a heart attack (Source: Daily Infographic). Perhaps it’s time you go out there and adopt a cat in need.
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