Man adopts 45 dogs, captures the moment he sets them free in their new home

Some people won’t walk down the aisle in the pet store if it’s Adoption Day, because it hurts too much to see the desperate animals who need forever homes. And the thing is, the dogs and cats who are taken to these kinds of events are already the ones most likely to be adopted. Unfortunately, many shelter dogs are too old, too ugly, or too emotionally scarred to have much chance of being adopted.
But for Mark Starmer, they all deserve a home. And to prove he means what he says, he adopted 45 shelter dogs and a grey wolf. Talk about a multi-pet household! Starmer, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, loves them all.
Taking the dogs in was the easiest part. Making a home for that many and taking good care of them was an involved process. Fortunately, he has a house plenty big enough and acreage that is perfect for them to romp and play in.
Starmer not only provides the dogs with their necessary food and water, he decided to fence in 4 acres of his land so they would have a safe place to roam.
According to Starmer, even though it’s a lot of work, taking care of his many furbabies is a labor of love.
Shelter workers know that in many cases, the dogs in their care are ignored due to their advanced age or their shocking past. Lots of them never have a forever home, spending their entire lives in the shelter. Rescue workers try to meet the needs of as many animals as they can, working overtime to provide them with the love and proper care they need, as well as doing their very best to make sure the dogs are placed in homes that will care for them today and for the rest of their lives.
Starmer’s dogs have certainly gotten a sweet deal. In this video, you see the adopted “family” being let through the gate into their 4-acre playground. Just look at those wagging tails and happily smiling faces! Show it to your friends, and watch their faces light up, too!
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