4 little kittens show up in front of street musician. Now, he just can't stop playing

The video below is so sweet. For a little context, the man in the video is a street musician, known as a busker. They generally play music in public for people to hear their songs, and hopefully tip some money. This busker had a rough night, and hardly anyone had gotten to hear him play. Enter: kittens.
It's almost as if these kittens knew what he was going through, and exactly how to cheer him up! They sat patiently at his feet, watching and listening him play through his son. What good little guys.
But the question remains: do cats like music?
As PBS explains, not exactly. At least, they don't appreciate our taste in music. Ever try to sell your teenager on your classic Led Zeppelin tunes? It's kind of like that. They need something more...species-specific.
If you're looking for that type of music, never fear, it has been created! It's called: Music for Cats. Of course.
David Teie created it, and he said it's backed up by science! Your little kitties will go nuts for it because it was made just for them.
Does your cat enjoy any of your music? What is it? Let us know down in the comments below! And don't forget to share this video with your cat and music-loving friends and family.
Resources PBS and Music for Cats
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