Dog was heartbroken when cat sister passed away. Owners come back with a sweet surprise

The two were inseparable. Forsberg the golden retriever and Ginger the orange tabby were an adorable match.
Cuddling together was how you’d most often find them, snuggling on the couch and keeping each other company. As senior pets, running around and playing were largely activities of the past.
But that was fine with them, because they were simply happy to be together. They were happy growing old together.
Then the unthinkable happened. At 15 years of age, Ginger got thyroid cancer. When his beloved friend died, Fosberg was totally lost. His world was shattered, and he couldn’t understand where his lifelong buddy had gone.
He looked everywhere for Ginger. He was miserable and alone. He was depressed and lonely. Day after day, he spent his time searching for the cat, hoping against hope that today would be the day his friend would return.
He often seemed to plead with his human, asking in his doggy way, “Where’s my best friend? Please bring him home to me!” But Ginger would never return. Finally, his owner could stand it no more.
That sad face was more than anyone could bear! So the decision was made by the pets' human, Jen Philion, to get a new friend for Fosberg and hope that it would work out.
Enter Max the kitten. With years between their ages, would a playful kitten be able to take the place of old Ginger, whom Fosberg had loved for so many years? Just introducing a new kitten to the dog didn’t guarantee a happy ending.
But before long, Fosberg and Max had forged a relationship that would stand the test of time. In an almost eerie way, Max snuggled up with Fosberg just as Ginger had. Soon enough, the two were fast friends, and Fosberg was not so lonely anymore.
A year later, Fosberg and Max have become the best of buddies. And once again, life is good!
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