Mom accidentally orders XS dog bed. This is the result

When Heather Stoddard of Indiana ordered a dog bed for her pup, Kenny, she did so with his comfort in mind.
Unfortunately, she ordered the wrong size for him: an extra small. But that didn't deter Kenny from gratefully using the tiny bed anyway!
Stoddard's daughter, 15-year-old Paeton Mathes, tweeted pictures of Kenny's reaction to his super small bed. Mathes stated, "So my mom accidentally ordered an XS dog bed, but he's still grateful." The pictures below prove this:
Here's another one:
Mathes' tweets and accompanying pictures quickly went viral. Kenny's sweet nature is evident in every one of them as he gamely tries to use the extra small bed. Viewers commented on Kenny's grateful attitude despite his owner's accidental mix-up. Mathes happily said that Kenny "was a good boy."
Mathes made it clear that Kenny didn't have to sleep on the little bed, that he shared a bigger bed with the family's other dog. However, the viral tweet quickly caught the attention of Big Barker USA, a dog supply company. They came to Kenny's rescue by sending him a more appropriately-sized dog bed.
While Kenny enjoys his new big bed, he also still wants his mini-bed too. So he places the small bed on top of the larger one as that way he can enjoy both beds at one time.
Way to work with the hand you're given, Kenny! Your gratitude and loyalty are inspiring and heartwarming. Be sure to share Kenny's cute story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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