Scared dog panics during rescue. Her reaction once she's saved is extraordinary

Imagine being homeless, abandoned on the streets, afraid of any person who comes near you. Imagine living in a shipping crate and eating street scraps for sustenance. This reality was the life that a homeless Golden Retriever was living until Hope for Paws rescued her and gave her a better life.
Hope for Paws volunteers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo had received multiple calls about a homeless dog living in an industrial zone, and after five days of searching for her, they lucked out. But spotting her and catching her were two different things entirely.
The industrial site was full of nooks and crannies for her to hide in, and the noise of the nearby trains frightened her. She ran and hid under a shipping crate, and as her rescuers get near her, you can see the hopelessness and confusion in her eyes. Panicking, she crawls further under the crate.
The rescuers get under the crate, and as Hagar moves to put a humane collar around the dog, Arturo keeps the dog from fleeing with a plastic tube. With some careful maneuvering, the rescuers collar the dog. But when they try to draw her out from the crate, she flies into a panic, yelping and fighting them.
The dog becomes so frightened that she freezes up and covers her face in fear. "She was so scared that she covered her eyes like a frightened child would," wrote Hagar in the video caption.
Then Hagar says, "I'll come to you." He approaches the dog under the crate, and she rolls over in submission. Hagar begins to pet her head gently, and she lays there, eyes half-closed, enjoying the attention that she has lacked for far too long.
After a long time gaining the dog's trust, the rescuers gently drag her out from underneath the crate. The dog then bursts out and the rescuers give her a moment to relax before giving this long neglected dog a hug that the dog returns in full measure.
With the help of Hope for Paws and the Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue, this dog, named Clarabelle, was vetted, bathed, and given a lot of well-deserved love and attention before she was adopted into a loving family.
Our hats are off to the wonderful work that rescues like Hope for Paws do for so many homeless animals on the streets. Share this bittersweet and moving video below of Clarabelle's rescue, and spread the word about the incredible work that Hope for Paws does for animals with your friends and family on Facebook.
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