Woman builds her dog his own bedroom underneath her stairs, and the inside is epic

Poncho the Chihuahua is one lucky dog! This four-year-old dog is not only adored and cherished by his owner, but he even has a designer doggie bedroom under the stairs. This is no ordinary doggie bedroom, though, as Poncho's owner has pulled out all the stops to make this room an extraordinary one.
Betty McCall of Pitts, Georgia, is Poncho's loving owner. After retiring from her teaching position, she decided to remodel the cupboard under her stairs for her pup. McCall's nephew, Will Rigdon, says, "When my aunt was building her new house after retiring from 30 years of teaching, my other two aunts basically forced her to decorate a room for a dog."
McCall explains that Poncho "gets nervous and snippy when people are over, so I generally have to have a dog crate." When she built her house, McCall asked the builders to make the cupboard doggie-accessible. Then, McCall began to accessorize, starting with the American Girl brass bed that's the perfect size for Poncho.
But McCall didn't stop there. She states, "And then I found a little chest of drawers [... ]and then my sister saw it. Carol decided he needed a sombrero and a little pair of antlers over his bed. My other sister Gayle made a lamp and a rug for his little room and then I found a little piano. Poncho ended up with quite a little room! He thinks he deserves it all so I guess it's okay."
Yes, you read that quote correctly. Poncho's room is decorated with a sombrero and antlers over the bed, a Chihuahua-sized lamp and rug...
...and even a small piano.
We aren't done with this room yet! Hanging on Poncho's wall is a miniature version of the famous dogs playing poker painting. This dog's digs have got it all!
McCall loves her dog, and Poncho seems very comfortable with his private room!
Watch the video below of McCall and Poncho and the creation of this room, then share this fabulous doggie haven with your family and friends on Facebook.
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