Woman saves dog after car wreck. Dog leads her back to the woods where she makes a surprising discovery

Kathy Wilkes-Myers was taking a walk down a country road near her home outside of Nashville when a Rottweiler, starving and in poor health, approached her.
Right away, Wilkes-Myers found the situation odd. "She was somebody's baby," Wilkes-Myers told CBS. "You could tell." Worried about the dog, Wilkes-Myers rescued her and brought her into her home.
But the entire time the dog was there, Wilkes-Myers could tell something was wrong. One day she put two and two together: there had been a terrible car accident near where she found the dog just a two weeks earlier. Maybe the Rottweiler was somehow connected to that incident.
Wilkes-Myers' instincts were right. The dog's name was Ella, and she belonged to the Kelley family. All of them had been in the accident. While driving, Michelle Kelley had suddenly hit the brakes, the car swerved, and then went right into the side of a mountain. Emergency medics arrived to take Michelle and Joe Kelley, along with their three children, to the hospital, leaving Ella behind.
"The last thing I'd seen was her looking straight into my eyes before she went up into the woods," said Joe Kelley.
Wilkes-Myers realized that for two weeks, Ella had remained in the area where she had last seen her family. When she found Ella, the dog was starved and covered in ticks. After going back to the accident site, Wilkes-Myers found small mounds of personal items that had belonged to the Kelley family. Ella had collected them in piles as she waited for her family to return to her.
"It blew my mind," Wilkes-Myers said. "This dog was trying to find some comfort."
It was while looking through these personal items that Wilkes-Myers found a notepad with an insurance agent's name on it. She contacted the agent to try to find Ella's family, and the agent connected her with Joe Kelley. A reunion was immediately planned.
Ella and her family were overjoyed to see each other again. As family members fought tears, Ella happily greeted each one of them.
"She never gave up," says Wilkes-Myers. And indeed, Ella proved her loyalty and faithfulness by waiting for her family to find her.
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