Rider grooves to 'All about that bass.' Then, it's the horse's turn to rock out

Ever been jealous of a horse's dance moves? Well, get ready! This adorable horse watches his trainer dance away to 'All About that Bass', when she then jokingly turns it over to him. Then he starts up!
He hilariously bobs his head to the music, clearly dancing, until she takes the stage back. Then she points and him and he does it again! We couldn't stop laughing the whole video. But we do have a question: does he really like the music? What's going on?
Well according to Horse Lovers Math, some researchers at Hartbury College did a study where they looked at horse's behavior when different types of music were played. They were pretty indifferent, but liked classical and country a little more, and rock music a little less.
Of course, it may just all be in the head bobbing, which horses do for a variety of different reasons, says Equus Magazine. It can be due to flies, anxiety, or even a hurt leg. We like to think it's just because he's a big Meghan Trainer fan though.
What do you think? Don't forget to watch the video below! And share it around with your friends and family that want a good laugh.
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