Shelter was about to put down 'unadoptable' cat. Then, the vet steps in to help

BenBen was found wandering the streets, a stray cat whose injuries attested to the fact that he had been through hell. The male cat had a cauliflower ear, puncture wounds on his body, a crushed spine, and a heart-wrenchingly sad look on his face. His chances of survival were slim to none.
An officer from the British Columbia SPCA found the cat who became known as BenBen and rushed the cat to an emergency hospital. After his vitals had been stabilized, BenBen was returned to the BCSPCA. But he left behind Sandy, a vet tech at the emergency clinic, who couldn't get BenBen's situation out of her head.
"I see many traumas in my field of work, and when this little guy came to the clinic I just couldn't let him go," Sandy told The Dodo. Despite the trauma he had endured, BenBen was sweet and loved attention, and he captured Sandy's heart.
Because of his extensive injuries, and his need for medication --- antibiotics for at least 6 months and pain medication for the rest of his life --- the BCSPCA determined that it would be kinder to euthanize BenBen as he was considered "unadoptable."
Sandy could not allow that to happen, and neither could her boyfriend, Adam, whom she quickly convinced to adopt BenBen. Sandy said, "When I found out the SPCA was going to euthanize him we knew we had to give him a home and a chance to be a kitten. We adopted BenBen because everyone deserves a chance!"
Sandy and Adam were not worried that BenBen was not like other cats. In fact, his uniqueness was what they cherished most in him.
"My girlfriend and I have a soft spot for animals that aren't ... normal," said Adam. "When I first saw a picture of him at the shelter I said to her, 'We need him.' He broke our hearts in every conceivable way. We believed that he needed a chance to live a life."
For a year and a half now, BenBen has lived the life that every cat should. He is loved and cared for, and spoiled rotten!
Sandy says that BenBen loves to play and climb over everything he can: "He looks at obstacles as challenges and will do something repeatedly until he gets it right, like running and jumping on our couch and bed. He is such a sweetheart!"
BenBen loves going out with his parents and meeting new people in the community. He also enjoys playing with stuffed animals and going on car rides!
Although BenBen still has medical issues, he has a warm home and loving owners which more than makes up for the medications he takes daily. We're so happy for you, BenBen, and we hope you have a long, happy life with your new family!
Watch the video below of BenBen running through the grass. What a happy cat! Follow BenBen on Instagram at @benbencat and his YouTube Channel. Share his incredible rags to riches story with your family and friends on Facebook.
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