Cat who has tremors doesn't let anything get in his way of having fun with a new friend

Everyone not being all the same is what makes this world great and beautiful. We all have our own unique personalities, quirks, and abilities that come together and make us, us. This is a kitten that is a little different, but excels despite her challenges.
This little one has Cerebellar Hypoplasia. According to Life with CH Cats, Cerebellar Hypoplasia isn't contagious or progressive, and just means that the cat has some balance and walking issues. That's what you can see with McNugget, in the video below.
He's so adorable as he chases his little toy butterfly, but he definitely has some trouble walking. It's okay though! He's happy, and most importantly, he's not in pain. So what if he wiggles a little as he gets around? It's pretty cute if you ask us!
For the moment, he's hanging out at Simply Cats Adoption Center. The Adoption Center says that he's very loving and affectionate, and most of all, he loves to play. You can see for yourself in the video below!
We love this little wobbly cat and we know you will too. Send this to your family and friends who would enjoy this cutie!
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