Hungry dogs eagerly await their hot dog treats, but pay attention to the little guy on the right

Lots of people teach their dogs to resist the lure of a treat when they are told to “wait.” These three dogs have been consummately disciplined to hold their positions until given the okay, and they do it perfectly.
The two big dogs, which look like they could be pit bull crosses, lie in their places, looking hopefully toward their master, ears back in a submissive pose. The little guy, however, has his ears straight up. Although he maintains his position, you can tell just by looking at him that the wheels in his little head are turning.
Teaching a dog tricks often involves rewards like a yummy treat; in this case, hot dogs. Rewards for dogs in training have a “value,” meaning a high-value treat is one he can hardly resist, and a low-value treat is less tempting.
But hot dogs? They rate right up there in the top tier. The master in this video lays one hot dog in front of each dog and commands them to wait. How hard it must be for them to lie still, knowing that the other ones could at any time confiscate their own treat.
When the master gives the go-ahead, you might expect one of the big dogs to bully his way in and grab all three hot dogs, but you’d be wrong.
The little dog, with a much quicker response time, hurries to grab his own treat, then grabs the hot dog closest to him…
...and then the next one, too! As the other dogs watch in amazement, the little guy absconds with all three hot dogs and trots away, while the other two dogs look somewhat perplexed. What just happened here?
Get ready to laugh as you watch this funny video. Who do you have among your friends who is the human counterpart to this Chihuahua? There’s always one in the crowd!
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