Innocent cat was just peering down the stairs to see what's up. Then, his 'friend' just came out of nowhere

Little Bella, a 6-month old kitten from Sydney, Australia, is like every other cat in the world: curious. So when the door to her family's basement was left open, she, naturally, wandered over to check it out.
What Bella didn't suspect was her friend and fellow feline Kimba was going to take advantage of Bella's curiosity to have a little fun of his own.
In the video below, Bella climbs over to the edge of the basement stairs and peers down into the darkness. One-year-old Kimba sits up on the landing, watching as Bella starts to go down the first few stairs.
Then, as Bella steps down further, she pauses. Kimba doesn't miss a beat, and with one swift swat, he pushes Bella right down the stairs with a crash!
Never fear, as Bella wasn't hurt at all by Kimba's push. She recovered immediately, and has probably found some way to even things out with Kimba by this point!
Cats will be cats, and if they aren't getting themselves in trouble because of their curiosity, they are getting in trouble for their mischievousness. But would we have it any other way?
The video of Kimba's playful attack on Bella went viral, and even at only 11 seconds in length, the video has received almost 9 million views. Even if Kimba's action seems a little mean, viewers still get a laugh out of these cats' antics.
Watch Bella and Kimba's video below, and share the laughs with your cat-loving friends and family on Facebook!
Resources Storm Pickett and Daily Mail
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