Couple and their cats spoof classic film scenes with hysterical results

Dave and Sarah, a couple from Nottinghamshire in England, have a strange hobby. They love films and they love cats. And they love putting both together by photographing their two cute Burmese house felines Tara and Willow (named after two characters in the dark fantasy show Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in recreations of their favorite films.
They first got the idea from their weekly pub quiz, which often included a section of questions about movies. In September 2016, the two humans set up two Instagram accounts – Movie Cats and Casual Movie Cats. The first is for the spoofy recreations and the other for hilarious outtakes of their endeavors (the cats don't always cooperate). They regularly put up new photos on Sundays, created thanks to the miracle of Photoshop, and then ask people to guess which movie they've done. The responses have been enthusiastically snarky.
The cats are the stars, often as the title monster or the beauteous love interest. Dave also often fills in as the monster chow or a storm-sodden lover. The cats don't mind. They may think all the picture taking is odd, but there are treats and lots of head-rubs, so they just go along with the crazy humans.
The very first one they did involved a lonely traveler far from home.
Sometimes, a cat may play a femme fatale.
One cheeky remake even involves a cat and a human in a scene that once featured dogs. Take that, Lady!
And, this being England, there may be rain.​
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