People were afraid baby wouldn't like the new cat, but boy were they wrong

When the Hendry family adopted a new cat, they weren’t sure how the cat and their baby would get along. Sometimes, introducing animals to a new baby or a new animal to a household with a baby can get pretty scary. Animals don’t always take to small children, and occasionally children are afraid.
But the new cat, Lemsie, was totally taken with the baby, and the two of them jump at every chance to be together. In this precious video, Cat and baby share some treasured moments.
Each time the baby puts his head down on the cat’s body, Lemsie starts licking his little head. It must feel good, because the baby stays right there for the cat’s ministrations.
But you may wonder why the cat licks the baby? There are really four possibilities. First of all, cats are social groomers. They like to groom each other, and apparently Lemsie thinks the baby is family. That’s a good thing, right?
Of course, babies smell good, and that’s another reason cats like to lick. Babies tend to put whatever they’ve been eating all over them, too, so maybe this baby just tastes good!
Maybe the cat is anxious. Anxiety can cause cats to lick themselves and any other family nearby. This cat, though, doesn’t look a bit worried.
Another reason cats lick is because they’re showing affection. In this case, it looks to be the most likely reason, based on the expressions on both child and feline.
Watch this sweet video and see what you think. Do you agree that this is a relationship made in heaven? Do you have a cat that licks you? What do you think she’s trying to say? Share this on Facebook with your friends and see if they agree!
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