Dog proves he knows how to beat the heat of the summer

The dog days of summer are here: those hot, sultry days that leave even dogs trying to find some way to cool off. We humans mostly elect to stay indoors in our cool, air conditioned houses. But some dogs aren’t allowed inside, and some dogs prefer to be outside, even in the heat.
Teal, a black Labrador Retriever, has found a way to beat the heat, even on the hottest days. All it takes is a kiddie pool and some water.
Labs were bred to swim. They are perfect for retrieving ducks from the water for their hunter/owners. Their coats repel water, being naturally somewhat oily, and they have webbed feet and powerful tails to act like rudders.
They are also excellent swimmers, as Teal shows when she takes a break from splashing and swims a few laps.
Moses Lake, Washington, gets its fair share of hot weather, and it looks like one of those days where the dog happily plays in the kiddie pool. Like many dogs (including my own Miniature Pinscher), splashing water to cool off is just something they know to do when temperatures soar.
Using those big, webbed feet to create large splashes just seems to satisfy some basic need in this water-dog. And can’t we all relate to her? She’s like a little kid in the pool!
What about you and your friends? Watch Teal in her swimming pool and then share the video on Facebook. Does your dog like to swim?
Resources ViralHog and The Daily Corgi
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