Judge Judy lets dog choose his owner in court. The result is heartwarming

Judge Judy has handled many cases involving dogs during her reality television show tenure, but this is the first time she let the dog do the judging! In a heartbreaking custody battle, the judge had to determine who was the rightful owner of a small dog.
The lawsuit was instigated by the plaintiff, a man who was suing a woman, claiming that he was the rightful owner of the dog she had in her possession. The woman explained to Judge Judy that she had purchased the dog from a person outside of a shopping center.
All Judge Judy cared about, however, was the heart of the matter: “I’m not saying there is anything wrong but the question is, is it his dog?”
After further debate and tears from both parties, Judge Judy decided there was only one way to determine the dog's real owner. She asked the defendant to bring the dog into the courtroom and set him down on the floor.
Meanwhile, the defendant produced veterinary documents, but the judge was persuaded by the pictures of the dog provided by the man who claimed to be the dog's owner.
The plaintiff brought the dog into the courtroom, and as the audience exclaimed over him, she refused to put the dog on the floor despite Judge Judy's repeated, and impatient, requests.
Finally, Judge Judy said to the woman, "Madam, put the dog down!" while the defendant tells her friend, "No, don't, don't!"
The dog immediately runs over to the man and jumps up on him, tail wagging happily. The entire courtroom bursts into applause, and the man, overcome at being reunited with his dog, bursts into tears.
Judge Judy instructs the man to pick up the dog, and the pup immediately licks his face in joy. "It's his dog," said the judge as she rendered her judgment on the case.
"Take your dog home," Judge Judy said to the incredibly happy plaintiff.
Watch this segment from The Judge Judy Show below to see how she lets the little dog speak for himself and indicate his real owner. Share this amazing video with your friends and family on Facebook.
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