Stray senior dog hides under car for weeks. When rescuers arrive, everything changes

The seven-year-old senior dog had been abandoned and lived on the streets for weeks. Frightened and anxious, the dog cowered under nearby parked cars, afraid of the people and noises around her.
A call went out to Hope for Paws, a Beverly Hills based rescue, and the immediately headed out to locate the dog. When rescuers Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo arrived, they began to scope out the location given to them by the caller.
Then they found the dog, hiding underneath a vehicle. Not wanting to spook the dog but aware that they would need to take care in coaxing her out, Arturo gently tossed small pieces of food in the dog's direction. Once the dog caught a whiff of the food, she began to emerge from underneath the car slowly.
The dog ate every morsel of food on the ground until she was completely clear of the car. At this point, Arturo slowly stood up and began to walk away, hoping the dog would follow. And indeed, with the promise of more food, the dog did.
The dog, whom they named Amelia, followed Arturo who led the dog into a gated yard. Hagar slipped in behind them to close and lock the gate. There, Arturo gently persuaded Amelia to let her put a leash over the dog's head.
With the good food she was being given, Amelia didn't object one bit!
Amelia was hesitant to go into the rescuer's car, so Hagar carefully lifted her up and placed her in the back seat.
Hope for Paws took Amelia to the veterinarian for a full checkup, and followed that up by taking the dog to the LA Animal Rescue where Amelia was sent to live with a foster.
As a senior dog, Amelia does need her space and down time occasionally, but she loves people and loves to relax and cuddle.
This sweet dog is looking for a loving home. Amelia's adoption information can be found here. Do you know someone who might be able to give this senior sweetheart a forever home?
Watch the video of Amelia's rescue below, and then share her story with your friends and family on Facebook. ​
Let's see if we can find Amelia a new home!
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