Owner captures the moment dog learns to pee himself

It's a stormy, rainy, cold, wet, miserable night...and your dog needs to go outside. That's the miserable truth about dog ownership. Neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of night... well, you get the idea.
But this dog shows just how unnecessary those wretched trips outside are, if you train your dog to use the toilet! Think it's impossible? You won't after you watch this pup!
This sweet German Shepherd mix knows that if mom and dad are unhappy about the lousy weather, he's going to be just as miserable. But no problem! Just walk into the bathroom and climb up on the toilet like any other member of the household.
Once you're up there, just make yourself comfortable. Of course, I don't expect him to sit down and pick up his favorite reading material. Still...​
...standing over the bowl isn't hard for this agile dog. He simply positions himself in the best place and lets go. He doesn't miss, either!
Unfortunately, he also doesn't know how to flush. That's okay, though, because he doesn't leave the toilet seat up, either!
Share this video with friends, then ask them if their pets are potty trained. Since it can be done, why aren't all our animals trained this way? Okay, now, get right on it!
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