Dog hates taking his medicine. Luckily, his human has the perfect trick

Mel is a black and tan Dachshund who needs a daily dose of medicine. The trouble is, he really, really doesn't like to take it. So what's a dog dad to do? Fellipe has found the answer, and in this video, he'll show you just how to get the dog to willingly take his medicine.
Of course, Fillipe compares it to getting a woman to do what she doesn't want to do. (Silly man!) It certainly does work with the dog, though!
Even though you can clearly see that Mel has food in his bowl, he stops and looks up at Fellipe when he hears the medicine box being opened. It's obvious he's been through this routine before.
Making sure that Mel knows what he's doing is important, because the trick is to get Mel to want the medicine.
Fellipe makes sure he's making lots of noise as he opens the package so that Mel will be really interested.
And it works! Mel is immediately at his side, but Fellipe leans away from the dog and tells him, "No! You can't eat this. It's yummy, and you CAN'T eat it!"
Suddenly, Fellipe "accidentally" drops the medicine and Mel wastes no time in grabbing it. After all, if dad wants it so badly, it must be REALLY good.
But Mel downs the medicine in record time, making sure that dad can't get it back. Works every time!
Share the video with your friends. Maybe this technique will work with their wives and kids, too! What do you think?
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