Horse is trapped by flooding waters, rescued by brave teen

Chance Ward, from Cleveland, Texas, and his 17 year old son, Rowdy, work tirelessly to save livestock in the Houston area after Hurricane Harvey hit. He says he knows there are plenty of people helping other people, so he and his partner and best friend, Rowdy, decided to concentrate on helping livestock.
On the day this video was shot, Chance and Rowdy saved four horses. Chance is understandably pleased and proud of his son, and this footage shows why.
Rowdy rides his horse up near the trapped animal in the pen, who is frightened by the rising waters. Already chest-deep, the horse is very close to needing to swim. Time is of the essence.
With the weight of the water at 12.5 pounds per square inch, Rowdy finds it difficult to open the gate. He slips his rope over the horse's head and tugs again and again on the gate...
...until it's finally open wide enough for the horse to come through. It's a grateful animal that follows the two men out of the flooded paddock!
And now the real fun begins. With nothing but a rope around its neck, Rowdy must guide his own horse through the swirling water while simultaneously leading another horse that seems intent on visiting.
After a couple of false starts, he gets the two horses headed in the right direction. Chase rides behind, videoing the whole thing. He has ample reason to celebrate his son's bravery and skill. That's one wonderful cowboy!
This wasn't the only rescue the team performed. Saving four other horses the same day as well as liberating some trapped cattle rounded out their work, but the next day they were right back, helping to rescue more livestock in danger due to rising floodwaters.
The American West was founded on the legend of the cowboy. Watch this video to see that the same can-do attitude still exists in some of our modern cowboys, like Chance and Rowdy, who know that when there's work to be done, they'll be right there to lend a hand. Share this one with your Facebook friends!
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