7 reasons why cats are downright awesome

There are so many reasons why cats are awesome. When this list was put together, it was quite difficult to narrow down all the reasons. Whether or not you are a cat lover, one thing is certain: the felines who earned a place on the list will surely impress you.
1. Cats are patient
Take, for instance, this moment when six-week-old foster puppies met the cat.
2. Cats can be sassy
The video below shows what can happen when your cat ends up at the neighbor's house.
3. Cats are affectionate
Check out the moment below when the cat acts up when the guy was just trying to watch some television.
4. Cats are funny
What happens when you leave your kitty alone in the bathroom? Check out the video below to see.
5. Cats are sneaky
This is one time a cat ambushed her friend.
6. Cats are brave
Here's the time a cat saved a boy who got too close to an alligator.
7. Cats are downright smart
Check out this video of a cat speaking sign language to his owner.
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