When this cat gets curious about the Macintosh computer his human has left on, he's in for a big surprise

What?! You might think you're seeing a cross between a Dachshund and a cat, but you're wrong! This low riding cat gets his dwarfed appearance from a spontaneous natural mutation.
Short in stature, he's quite obviously long on fun. When this Munchkin cat gets curious about the Macintosh computer his human has left on, he's in for a big surprise.
He may look like our favorite weenie dog sitting up, but he's really a cat. Despite his dog-like qualities and short legs, he's all feline. Moving at the light of speed (well, almost), this energetic extrovert loves to play—with kids, other cats, friendly dogs, and even computers.
He's exceptionally curious, exploring anything that catches his interest; in this case, the screen saver on a Macintosh computer. Perhaps it took him a little longer than the ordinary cat to reach the top of the desk due to his short legs, but that doesn't stop him from getting there!
This munchkin is about to get a surprise, but he probably won't wig out like some others of his species. Still, it's pretty funny to see his conspicuous reaction to the disk ejecting from the computer.
Munchkins are small to medium sized cats weighing only 5-9 pounds. His short legs make him unique, but his coat colors and patterns are just like any other cat. They make lovely pets, and their antics will keep you laughing all day.
Watch this short video and get ready to chuckle. In fact, it may be the funniest thing you've seen in awhile. Then share it with your friends!
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