Don't be fooled by how they look. 7+ dogs that are so guilty, It's hilarious

1. Somebody helped himself to the snacks, but will he crack under pressure? Watch the video to see.
2. Who stole the cookie? See how these 2 pups duke it out.
3. This dog knew he'd get a "stern" talking from the owner after what he did.... but watch how he responds.
4. And then there are dogs who literally rip up your clothes. Here's what went down.
5. Then there are those who chew up our makeup.
6. Some dogs try to 'hide' their guilty act.
7. Other times the guilty hide... We know who you are.
8. Dog gets caught with head stuck in tissue box
9. Who got the garbage can at 2am?
10. Owner tries to figure out who ate her cookies
11. Guilty dog tries really hard to get out of pressure...Here's what he does:
12. Guilty dog eats granola bar
13. Dog eats cake and faces shame...
14. Guilty dog bursts into tears for being blamed for pooping inside house
15. Guilty dog punishes herself
16. Guilty Benny destroys couch
17. Dog busted for digging in yard
18. Dog was caught taking food off of owner's plate. You HAVE to see his face....
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