10 hilarious examples of the laziest cats ever

There are few animals as downright lazy as a cat. Cats have made an art out of laziness and have perfected it as well. Want to know how to take a lazy day off from everything? Take notes as you watch this collection of lazy cats!
This feline is so comfortable lying beside his water dish that he can't even arouse himself long enough to stand up and get a proper drink. He just reaches his paw out, gets a little water on it, and licks it clean. Talk about lazy!
Now here's a truly apathetic cat. He won't even stand up long enough to walk down the stairs. Hilarious!
We all know how much we like to veg out in front of the TV, right? This feline has perfected the indifferent pose as he waits for someone to turn on his favorite program.
Yep, I can totally agree with this guy's approach to walking on a treadmill! He simply lies down and doesn't do it. My kind of exercise!
I've often wondered if there was an easier way to clean the floor, and this pretty cat has figured it out. Just hop on the Roomba and take it easy while the machine does the work. You go, girl!
Gilbert is so lackadaisical that he can't even be bothered to stand up to play. He just lies there and waits for the ball to make its way back around to him. Then he might bat it away again!
"Go for a walk? You're kidding, right?" This pussycat is NOT going for a walk, and no one can make her! She has it all worked out. Just lie down and refuse to move. Maybe I'll try this approach the next time my significant other says "Let's go for a walk!"
When the alarm clock goes off, this little tabby knows just what to do. Put your paws over your eyes and deny, deny, deny!
In the genre of major battles, this fight rates w-a-a-y down at the bottom. Why? Because these guys are so lethargic in their moves that they barely get those paws up. Get ready to laugh!
And finally, the cat who has made a profession of sleeping. Follow his lead. Just lie back, let it all hang out, and snooze! Lazy at its finest!
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