Cat discovered completely scared in lawn. 4 hours later....

A homeowner called Paws for the Cause Feral Cat Rescue when they found what they thought was an injured kitten in their yard. The little ball or fluff just laid there for four hours without moving, so they were pretty sure he needed help. Turns out he wasn't hurt at all—he was just scared.
Paws for the Cause is a non-profit organization that "was founded in order to keep feral colonies in southeast Michigan safe and preserved while reducing the feral cat population." Usually they trap the feral cats, neuter them so they can't breed, and release them. This time was different.
The little lynx-point siamese kitten needed love and attention, and that's all it took to change him from the wild child he had been to the sweet kitten he was meant to be. And it only took four days! In the above picture, Butch, another cat rescue, became his surrogate dad, making sure "Meeko," as he was named, was happy and well adjusted.
Meeko's name means "little mischief," but he seems so sweet that no one could really call him that! The tiny kitten learned that human hands hold nothing but love and a lot of food for him. After four days, he started purring.
According to Laura Wilhelm-Bruzek, director of Paws for the Cause, "He was still pretty shaken the first couple of days but since 'feral' cats are our specialty we know just what to do to get them to turn for us--lots of firm, assertive petting and wet food!"
Who could resist those big, blue eyes? Meeko settled into the rescue easily and soon became a favorite of the volunteers there. After a couple of months, he was ready to find a "furever" home.
The loving family who took him in have two dogs and another lynx-point siamese cat named (are you ready for this?) Meeko! How weird is that?!
This little kitten proves that a little love and a lot of good food can change someone's world. How about you? Share this little guy's story with your friends and maybe one of you will be inspired to rescue a cat or kitten from a local shelter. What do you think?
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