Dog was abandoned at the park. Then, a cop comes in to save the day

It was a terrible sight. Some residents walking through a local park in Bloomington, Indiana, had stumbled across a heartbreaking scene. They had found a young Boxer-Pit Bull mix lying on the ground, seriously injured, clearly emaciated, and unable to move on her own. The concerned people called the local sheriff's office who sent out a patrol officer to investigate the situation.
Officer Jeff Ripley took one look at this hurt and abandoned dog and decided that she was coming home with him. He immediately called his fiancée, Rosie Ahlberg, and she drove out immediately to help. Within minutes, the injured pup was on her way to Ripley's home. The shelter was closed for the day, and the dog needed to stay somewhere safe and comfortable.
The dog, whom they named Daisy, had far more devastating injuries than at first appeared. Ahlberg, a volunteer at the local shelter, brought Daisy in as soon as they opened only to find aside from a flea infestation, open sores, and burn wounds, Daisy also had a torn ACL, a luxating patella, and a torn meniscus. These injuries made it difficult for Daisy to move and walk.
The shelter also found that Daisy was microchipped, so Ripley and Ahlberg reached out to Daisy's owner only to find out that Daisy had been hit by a car four months earlier, and the owner no longer wanted anything to do with the dog.
Sadly, Daisy is only a year old, and this was her fourth owner! Ahlberg and Ripley decided enough was enough. This sweet puppy deserved a forever home full of love, so they made the decision to keep her. It has been an adjustment for Daisy, who likely suffered emotional abuse on top of her physical injuries.
Says Ahlberg, "She's made a lot of progress with us in a very short time- she no longer flinches when someone goes to pet her from above, and doesn't cower and shake when someone even slightly raises their voice in her presence. She's put on weight, her superficial injuries are healing, and she's very affectionate and sweet. We are showering her with love and attention and showing her what it's like to be adored. She is an amazing soul who deserves the world."
Although the couple already owns another rescue dog and two cats, they both felt very strongly that Daisy belonged with them. “We really wanted to give this dog a chance to know love and what a good home is,” Ahlberg said.
Now, a month into her new living situation, Daisy has blossomed into a happy dog. She loves her home, her owners, and her furry siblings! “There’s less space in the bed, but she’s such a kind dog and deserves it,” said Ahlberg.
Daisy's leg injuries have thus far been managed with pain medication, but she will need extensive surgeries to be able to walk normally, and run and play as any dog should. Ahlberg and Riley have set up a GoFundMe page to help cover some parts of these expensive operations.
Hopefully, after her surgeries, Daisy will be able to act like a 1-year-old dog. Until then, she is in loving hands and won't ever have to worry about being hurt or abandoned again.
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